You Don’t Have to Work Endless Hours for Minimal Sales

If you’re a small business owner struggling to make sales…
If you have something amazing to sell but no one’s buying…
If you’re ready to get your product or service into the hands of your ideal customer…
Then you need to read this message. Its for you. Here’s why…

I’m here to help you reach your ideal customer and increase sales.
You’re a passionate business owner. You love what you do and who you do it for. Yet when it comes to selling, you’d probably rather have a root canal, and it shows in your bottom line.
If you don’t address your sales problem with an effective solution your frustrations will grow, your business will suffer, and soon, that thing you once loved to do will go from being a profitable passion to an embarrassing burden. Here’s the truth:


  • You don’t need a new logo.
  • You don’t need to add more products/services.
  • You don’t need to redesign your website… again.
  • You don’t need to post 600 times per day to 16 different social media sites.
  • You don’t need expensive ad campaigns.
  • And please, for the love of all things entrepreneurial, do not lower your prices in an effort to get more sales! 
What you do need is messaging that is clear, authentic, and compelling. 

You have something your ideal customer needs.  How will they know if you don’t tell them? 

With clear, authentic, and empathetic messaging, you’ll attract the very people who are already searching for what you have to offer.

That means more sales from loyal customers who keep coming back.

Ready to make that happen?

I’m Beth Cranford, and I can help you overcome your sales frustrations.

Having been in the marketing world for about ten years, I’ve seen up close how marketing works (and doesn’t).
I’ve had the privilege of learning from some highly successful marketers and have met, and become friends with, a diverse group of business builders.
Along the way I fell in love with the small business community and the people in it.

I wanted to help each of them change their customers’ worlds with what they had to offer.

I wanted to help them reach their own dreams and create their own financial freedom by meeting the needs of the people they serve. 

That’s when I began watching more closely, to figure out why some people build the business of their dreams while others get stuck in the struggle — always chasing the dream but never quite “arriving.” They’ve tried everything. They drop their prices, add more products, and divide their attention between too many projects. They’re wearing themselves out and yet not seeing the results they had hoped for.  Why? Because they’ve tried many things but not the right thing. 

  • They want sales… but they’re afraid to sell! 
  • They don’t want to be pushy.
  • They are “trusting God” to bring the right clients.
  • They don’t have time to create effective messaging. (Seriously, most small business owners are wearing so many hats they could open a hat store!) 
  • They’re not even sure what good messaging looks like. 
  • Even if they had the time and knew how to write compelling marketing materials, they often don’t because they’re too excited to get working on the next project. 


And so they struggle. They produce more, dream more, learn better time management, and buy more training programs.
They sell a few things to their mother, and maybe a neighbor or two, but the crowds don’t come.
It’s heartbreaking… so many demands get between the desire and the dream.

But what about those who are meeting their (ever increasing) sales goals while building a very satisfied and fiercely loyal customer base? 

How are they doing it? 


One word.




You can have the best product in the world, the most passion for your product and customers, and the coolest equipment, but if your marketing copy isn’t effective, your business will not grow like you want it to.

Great copy can increase sales for any type of business, including yours.

Here’s what it’s done for mine: 

  • Established my credibility as a professional writer.
  • Helped me connect with ideal clients.
  • Drastically reduced potential frustrations that come from unclear offers and misunderstood expectations.
  • Allowed me to help others reach their business goals and dreams. 

And it’s not just me. Here is what a few of my latest clients have to say…

“So grateful for your help with my latest project. Your choice of words brought it from boring and salesy to engaging and authentic.”


Professional Lifestyle Blogger

“My service descriptions were confusing and didn’t connect with the customer’s emotions and needs. Beth changed all that with her powerful use of words. Not only did she create clear descriptions of my services, but she conveyed my passion for my work and clients. I’ve seen a positive difference already!”


Interior Stylist

Beth, this is amazing! I want to buy my book now! Thank you so much for doing this work for me. I love it.



You can be next.

What if your messaging was fine tuned to really capture your target audiences’ attention? 

What would happen if your traffic and sales increased simply because these prospects felt like you relate to them better than the others? 

What would you do with your time if you could be confident this work was being done by a professional writer who gets entrepreneurship and how to connect with your customers? 

Here’s what I will do for you when you choose to work with me:

  • Listen to and communicate effectively with you every step of the way so you’ll be 100% pleased with your project.
  • Discern who your ideal customer is, what they want or need, and how they communicate.
  • Determine what types of marketing copy will captivate them and motivate them to act.
  • Design your written communications to grab the attention and earn the trust of your ideal customers.
  • Set you on a clear course for meeting your sales goals.

So it’s up to you.

Are you ready to connect with your ideal customer and watch your sales increase?

Great! Your first step is to simply fill out the form below so we can set up a time to talk.
You have nothing to lose. This will be a quick conversation with absolutely no obligation on your part.
I’ll get to know you and your business a little bit and find out what your needs are. If I can help you, and you would like to proceed, we’ll put your project on my calendar and prepare to watch your sales meet, and even exceed your goals.

11 + 9 =

I love the art of making an idea or concept come to life through the careful and creative use of words. Contact me now and we’ll see how we can put my words to work for you. 

I want your business to grow. That’s why I’m here to help you communicate with your ideal audience in such a way that they will thank you for bringing your product or service to their attention. 

I want your business to grow. That’s why I’m here to help you communicate with your ideal audience in such a way that they will thank you for bringing your product or service to their attention.